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Contribution Guidelines

Your contributions are always welcome! Thank you for your suggestions! 😃

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

Contributing is pretty easy, all you need is an GitHub account.

Just click this link to edit the list, right from your browser.


The site the link targets MUST BE:

  • Be widely recommended regardless of personal opinion.
  • Well known or discussed within the Community.
  • Related to Home Assistant OR provide software, tools, and utilities that can be used with Home Assistant.
  • Written in English.

Self-promotion is frowned upon, so please consider seriously whether your project meets the criteria before opening a pull request, otherwise, it may be closed without being reviewed.

  • Make an individual pull request for each link suggestion.
  • Search previous suggestions before making a new one, as yours may be a duplicate.
  • Use the following format: - [project-name]( - A short description ends with a period.
    • Keep the description short and simple, but descriptive.
    • A description ends with a full stop/period .!
    • Don't mention Home Assistant in the description as it's implied.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Make sure that your suggestion is positioned as the last item category.

Adding a new section/category

New categories or improvements to the existing categorization are welcome.

  • Ensure the section has a nice description.
  • A description ends with a full stop/period .!
  • Add the section to the table of contents.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Remove any trailing whitespace.

Typical reasons for deleting links:

  • The item does no longer apply to or work with the latest Home Assistant.
  • No updates / abandoned.
  • Deprecated.
  • In case of software: License missing.
  • Dead link.